Sunday, September 18, 2016

Put the cuffs on me !

I've seen a number of posts about flags and placards being confiscated at an Ole Miss football game.

Police officers told people if they did not give up the items they would be arrested !

A photo turned up of a confiscated flag being hauled away at the game.

( I think this is a State Flag )

Well I guess I'd be going to jail !

I would not willingly surrender my Flag !

What could I be charged with ? On whose authority would the arrest occur ?

Yeeeeesh, talk about a 1st Amendment Violation !!

Unless EVERY flag and every placard were to be taken from it's owner, that's discrimination !

Of course Discrimination against all things Southern is the norm nowadays.

Yep Bubba, you just gonna have to lock me up !

Correction !

I originally said 2nd amendment violation, ooops !

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