Thursday, September 1, 2016

Overwhelmed !

"Dog Gone" the response to my latest "Coin" has me overwhelmed and Humbled.

My latest "Coin" is a composite of two replicas.

A CSA Button -

And a Southern Cross of Honor Medal -

It took 6 attempts to get the Die right -

the one on the bottom right gave me good results !

I finally came up with this --

Still not perfect, but pretty good.

As I said, I'm humbled by the complements, and overwhelmed by the number of requests. 

So I'm posting this to handle the request.

Five Coins / $5 !

Postage runs about $2.80, the Padded envelope about 50 cents.

so that leaves $1.70.

So it's 34 cent a coin. 

That covers my time, the material, paint, electricity and gas to the post office.

So If you want a few contact me at

or PM Me on Facebook.


Mold # 10

I wasn't 100% happy with #6 if you look closely at the picture you will see
that the "OR" in HONOR is a bit blurry.

So I kept making molds til I got it right.

All the lettering is sharp and the CSA is even.

I'm going with # 10 !

Thanks to all the folks who like the coin.
I'm making them as fast as I can to fill the requests.



  1. 5 coins, $5? Your figures don't add up. I believe you have a typo my friend

    1. I ain't trying to make a profit, just break even !

  2. $5.00 total cost

    Postage 2.80
    Envelope .50
    remainder $1.70

    $1.70 divided by 5 = 34

    Maybe my calculator needs new batteries !