Monday, June 20, 2016

Virginia Flagger Assaulted !


On Saturday, June 18, the Va Flaggers were forwarding the colors on the sidewalk outside of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (#VMFA) on a warm, but beautiful afternoon. The afternoon had been a fairly quiet one with some great conversations and more positive responses than negative ones.

That all changed when a young woman walked by several Flaggers who were seated in chairs due to physical disabilities. The woman suddenly turned to one female Flagger and proceeded to throw the entire contents of a beverage can she was carrying directly in the face of the female Flagger who was seated quietly on the edge of the sidewalk.

The woman who was assaulted immediately got up and began to follow the assailant, while dialing 911, and VMFA security, having watched the incident on their security monitors as it occurred rushed out to assist.

Flaggers followed the assailant into the VMFA and pointed her out to VMFA security, who detained her until Richmond Police officers arrived.

They listened as the officers explained to the assailant that in this country, disagreeing with someone does not give one the right to assault them. The officers then explained to the victim that it was up to her as to whether charges would be pressed, to which the Flagger responded "charge her with the most serious applicable crime."

The victim went on to explain that the young woman was very fortunate that she was on the sidewalk today representing a Cause much bigger than any individual, which led her to exercise such extreme restraint. Had this happened to her individually, and had she not been representing the Va Flaggers, our ancestors, and the flags they fought and died beneath, the assailant would likely be taking a ride in an ambulance instead of a police car.

The woman was charged with assault. We will be in court to make sure she is convicted, and send a strong message that we are not going to tolerate these kinds of violent attacks on our Flaggers, and that every attempt to intimidate us only strengthens our resolve.

The Va Flaggers wish to thank the Richmond Police Department for their quick response and assistance in handling this matter.

God bless the Flaggers!

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