Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Notice what DIDN’T happen immediately after THIS mass shooting?

Nearly a year ago to the day, on June 15 of last year, the deranged Dylan Roof entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina, opened fire and killed 9 people, all of them black Americans. Not fifty. Nine.

Shortly after that tragic massacre, photos began surfacing on the internet of Roof with a Confederate flag. Once those pictures began circulating, the left in America lost its collective mind. People began defacing statutes and other historic monuments, in the face of relentless pressure some such monuments –pieces that speak to the actual history of our nation– were taken down.

The government of the state of South Carolina likewise succumbed to pressure, removed the Confederate flag and ceased flying it over the capital building as did multiple cities across the south. Confederate flags were pulled off store shelves and internet e-tail sites and if you were unlucky enough to be spotted with a sticker of that red flag on the bumper of your car, you were likely to be verbally assaulted, called all sorts of ugly names, and quite possibly worse.

Now in the wake of a 50-person slaughtering at the hands of a jihad-bent Islamic maniac, will the left in America begin calling for mosques to be torn down? If the government does not begin the process of their removal will they begin defacing them, spray-painting the sides, tearing them down or doing as much damage to them via their own devices as possible? Will there be protests in which noted politically left groups and individuals burn the black ISIS flag or the flag of Afghanistan (the national origin of the shooter’s parents.) Will there be any protests at all?

Or, instead of the protests and outrage that Mr. Roof’s atrocity solicited, will there be calls for understanding, will these same people who were so incensed at the shooting of nine perfectly innocent people excuse away this senseless loss of life and call for us not to judge all by the actions of one?

I wonder.

Written by Derrick Wilburn on June 13, 2016

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  1. Maybe a religion should be created such as United Confederate Christian Church of America. Is that possible?