Sunday, November 1, 2015

Way to go Flaggers !

The VA Flaggers in (positive) Action !

While continuing to Flag the VMFA 

Danville gets the largest flag yet ---

( From the VA Flaggers F/B Page )

This memorial, erected on private property leased by the Virginia Flaggers, is a direct response to the ruling yesterday by Danville Circuit Court Judge James Reynolds, who dismissed a suit filed against the City of Danville after City Council passed an ordinance which violated state law and was specifically designed to allow City Council to remove the Third National Confederate flag from the Veteran’s monument on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.

A wonderful view of the flag is HERE
Good work Mr Lewis !

These Memorial Flag sites, and the others in development across Danville, are just one phase of a battle plan that is being developed and implemented to assure that the Confederate Veterans who fought to defend Danville and the Commonwealth, and our proud history and heritage will not be desecrated by the cowardly acts of politicians and scalawags who pander to the PC demands of the ignorant and hateful few.

The flag raised today, our 13th raised in the Commonwealth since the fall of 2013, was dedicated to the Glory of God, and in memory and honor of our Confederate Heroes. She will serve as a living breathing memorial, and a 24/7 reminder that there are still those of use with Confederate blood flowing through our veins who will not sit idly by while our heritage is attacked, history is erased, and our Veterans become the subject of derision Gen. Cleburne warned us about over 150 years ago.

"For every flag removed, a thousand more will rise to take its place."

I've made a fresh batch of "Remember" coins.
I will put them out soon.

Staying Positive !

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