Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hollywood ----

Today I mailed out 50 "Remember"
5 packs with 10 coins in each.
I just picked out 5 friends on Face Book and mailed em a surprise.

I've also been stockpiling coins for a trip.

I'm thinking about going to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond VA.

I don't think I'll have any trouble finding proper recipients.

As it stands right now I've got about 80 coins.

I'm  gonna make up about 200 total before I go.

So if you have someone at Hollywood let me know who and where and I'll do my best to stop by.

If you want a coin for someone contact me at
or at Face Book
or here at the blog.

I'll just need a SASE and $1.00 postage.

I'll hook you up !


I'm getting close -----


  1. Thomas P. Darnall - my gggrandfather is in Hollywood! I am unable to get by there very often and would appreciate you making a visit for me!