Thursday, June 25, 2015


Wow it seems thousands of folks are joining F/B "Southern" pages.
I serve as an administrator on two of em !
In the past few days I've added a bunch of folks.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all who have joined !

I would also like to take the chance to encourage all new members to take an
 active position outside of Facebook. 

Participating at pages on Facebook is great, but we need more !

Given the current wave of  anti-confederate action we need much more !

What's the best thing to do ?
Arm yourself with the TRUTH , before you do anything else.

There are many stories out there that we have all heard and
 as good as they sound they simply are not true !

Robert E Lee's "Strike the tent"  last words quote is one such story. 
It sounds good and will endear him to your heart, 
but as for his last words, he never said it !

After arming yourself with the TRUTH you will be better prepared to deal with the
Anti-Southern forces you will encounter. And you will encounter them !
They will seek you out and attack what you say !
This is where "Be Prepared" comes in, You will be called, Racist, Neo-Confederate,
Heck I've even been called Confederate Taliban ! So once you commit, BE PREPARED !

It's OK to engage in a brief response to the "Haters" 
but don't get trapped into a long drawn out battle.
( That's what they want )

You have better things to do with your time !

What Can You Do ?

Anything that promotes the Truth and Honors our Confederate Heroes.

If you can fly the flag, please do so !

Homeowners association won't allow it ?
( Heck sometimes you can't fly the American Flag either )

There are numerous things you can do,  Bumper sticker ?

A Hat, a Lapel pin a T-Shirt --- But ya gotta be careful repercussions can pop up at your workplace.
Then what ? What can you do to move forward and stay positive !

One of the simplest things you can do ---

Get a bucket of water, some soap and a brush and wash a Confederates Tombstone !

Some friends of mine tended to my ancestors grave when I couldn't

They raked and pulled weeds, and I Thank them for their efforts !

I make small REMEMBER Coins to be left at the Graves of Confederate Veterans !

I also make Commemorative ribbons.

And from time to time I print up a few copies of a booklet of poems I have written,-

What you can do is only limited by your Imagination. 

Again I would like to thank all of the New Facebook members for joining.

But please, if you can, take your actions outside of Facebook.

Thank You !

David Tatum Jr.


  1. I totally agree with this post and I am one of the "new" people to join sites promoting the South. I have, until now, not involved myself with such sites because of other ideological differences - I am an atheist liberal - but I will most certainly get a bumper sticker somewhere, and I will loudly fight against the notion of removing things Confederate from public spaces.