Monday, June 29, 2015


It seems the current  "Erase All Things Confederate" movement has opened the eyes of a lot of folks.

Case in point !

A councilman in Portsmouth VA wants a monument removed

For the story--

I love that monument, I've passed by it thousands of times.

When the story broke this happened--

Can you say Backlash ?

I'm going to the Rally, and as is my style I've made Ribbons for the event--

Two Different Ones.

It's a catch 22 thing for me, I glad I can make the event, but it's a shame I have to.

This event is repeating likewise across the country.

Rally's are being held in many places.

Fence sitting Confederate supporters are saying --

Enough is Enough !

And are taking to the streets to show support.

Not only that I've added hundreds of folks to Southern  facebook pages .

And while searching for a Confederate flag for a friend I found this --

Click Here

NOTE: We have seen an unprecedented demand for Confederate Flags of all styles. At this time, we are out of stock on all Confederate items. At this time, this item is on backorder. We will expect these flags back in stock within 1-2 weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

This just in --

15.000 sign petition

I guess the Left Wingers should quote Isoroku Yamamoto --