Monday, April 22, 2013

We interrupt normal programing for this news bulletin --

Let me see if i got it straight, Bigfoot crashes his ufo at Roswell,(and all this time y'all thought it was little Gray men with big eyes)

So it's kept quiet for years, then JFK ( who is up for re election)  decides to go public with the info.

So the CIA has to snuff him,( they can't let JFK get re elected he's not going to let us get too deep into Nam and LBJ is a major stockholder of Dow Chemical the folks who gave us Napalm and Agent Orange, although it might have been Monsanto who gave us Agent Orange)

 So they hire Oswald to kill JFK and Ruby to kill Oswald, then Ruby gets cancer and crokes before he can talk.

Later all the evidence is put on Apollo 13 to be left on the moon but an accident on board prevents this from happening!

So the evidence is hidden in a basement of a house in Boston,
 Later the CIA wants it back so they declare martial law and go door to door to retrieve it, The marathon bombing is a cover story to allow the search. 

Yep all the pieces fit !

Hey it makes as much sense as the other stories going around !

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