Monday, April 8, 2013

Dine with Honor !

"A large proportion of the eating of the army was done in the houses and at the tables of the
people, not by the use of force, but by the wish and invitation of the people. It was at times
necessary that whole towns should help to sustain the army of defense, and when this was the
case, it was done voluntarily and cheerfully.

The soldiers all who conducted themselves properly were received as honored guests and
given the best in the house. There was a wonderful absence of stealing or plundering, and
even when the people suffered from depredation they attributed the cause to terrible necessity
rather than to wanton disregard of the rights of property. And when armed guards were placed
over the smoke-houses and barns, it was not so much because the commanding general doubted
the honesty as that he knew the necessities of his troops. But even pinching hunger was not
held to be an excuse for marauding expeditions."

Carlton McCarthy, Second Company Richmond Howitzers.

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