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This banner, the witness and inspiration of many victories, which was proudly borne on every field from Manassas to Appomattox, was conceived on the field of battle, lived on the field of battle, and on the last fatal field ceased to have place or meaning in the world. But the men who followed it, and the world which watched its proud advance or defiant stand, see in it still the unstained banner of a brave and generous people, whose deeds have outlived their country, and whose final defeat but added lustre to their grandest victories.

It was not the flag of the Confederacy, but simply the banner, the battle-flag, of the Confederate soldier. As such it should not share in the condemnation which our cause received, or suffer from its downfall. The whole world can unite in a chorus of praise to the gallantry of the men who followed where this banner led.

Carlton McCarthy, Second Company Richmond Howitzers.

UPDATE !!!!!!!

I recieved a comment from Corey saying that the posted comment is incorrect!
Yea I guess so, but read the next post I made,(HERE) it goes into better detail of the incident.
Ya got a sharp eye for detail, but take the blinders off and look at the BIG PICTURE !


  1. This description of the CBF is from a man who followed it into battle, I believe him !

  2. The marker still does not prove or show that the rebel battle flag was at Bull was not.

  3. Try reading the link I provided.
    I'm aware the CBF was not at First Manassas, so was the author of the article (Carlton McCarthy) If you read the post I gave a link to it explains why it is mentioned.
    Sometimes ya gotta read between the lines as well as the text !

  4. No very good history or as a source if you have to read between the line...

    1. ?????? could you put that in coherent English please ?

  5. OK I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess you meant to say--

    “Not very good history or as a source if you have to read between the lines”

    That’s where the problem lies, As a bean counting historian you deal with hard facts and numbers you have no heart in the issue. Looking at it from my perspective “with heart in the matter” it allows me to see beyond what you see.

    The first two paragraphs in the chapter are written from the heart – and sometimes the heart can make you see things that are not there. However in the subsequent paragraphs the facts are clearly presented.

    Are you familiar with the term “Prose” = ( writing or speech in its normal continuous form, without the rhythmic or visual line structure of poetry.)

    The first two paragraphs are Prose, written from the heart so the factual evidence is clouded.
    However, Carlton does clarify the facts surrounding the birth of the Battle Flag further on in the chapter.

    So he is not trying to deceive anyone in the first two paragraphs.So that’s what I meant by reading between the lines.

    I feel sorry for you, you have such a limited field of vision when it comes to history, but then again if you have no Heart in the matter I should expect nothing else from you !