Saturday, November 17, 2012

Well it seems I made a lot of enemies of my Southern compatriots because I do not favor a modern day secession! Heck not just Southern folks but nationwide this secession thing is spreading!

Well I ain't listening to the secession tune !
In fact the whole thing has changed my opinion on the political landscape!

Mr President I will support you!

I will however not turn my back on my southern ancestors, and I will defend their actions.
But a modern day secession is foolish!

The secession thing is now in all 50 states! So you can't blame it on the south like has happened with slavery!

I would love to see one person from each state who favors secession gather in a room to discuss strategics!       
You know, who is gonna do what . I think in little or no time it would mirror our present political structure.
It would quickly turn from hand shaking and backslapping into fist fights and backstabbing.

It's time we quit blaming everything on the President!
Everything from global warming to the broken street light at the corner, it all gets blamed on Obama!

Instead of 25.000 people calling for secession, they should get together and form a plan on what they want to happen and how to go about it! Then present the plan to the Government. But then again it's just like I wrote earlier it would turn into fist fights and backstabbing, with all the special interest that would be present.

But if you still wanna secede you can try it!  But it didn't work 150 years ago, I don't think it's gonna work now ! 

Well I'm gonna start a fertilizer company, cause I know I'm gonna catch a lot of crap for this one ! 


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