Saturday, November 3, 2012

Labor Unions are a good Thing ?

Labor Unions are a good Thing ?



OK this ain't got nothin ta do with the War Between the States.
Virginia , Alabama and other Southern states have sent crews to New Jersey (Hard hit by Hurricane Sandy )
to help restore power to millions of people who are without it.

When the crews arrived the were told they could not help because they were not card carrying Union members !

OK I don't like to cuss in public BUT - What kind of Dumb Ass logic is that ?

If a union member has a heart attack will he refuse help from a non-union ambulance driver or Doctor ?

Wake up you union goons ! People are in desperate need of all the help they can get !

When this is over and power is restored, I hope the folks who spent unnecessary time in the cold and dark will sue the hell out of the unions for their Dumb Ass actions ! 


  1. You nailed it David! Gov. Cristie says the non-union crews were not turned away but he may not be aware of all that occurs on local levels There is too much credence to this story for there not to be truth to it!

  2. You can copy and paste the link into your Browser!

    I guess Gov. Chistie ain't up to speed. An investigation needs to start. If someone is found to have turned away Non-Union workers, they need to be exposed and let the people deal with them !