Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brooks Simpson.

I don’t think anyone at SHPG is actually in favor of desecrating a monument to any Northern soldier!

The picture you were referring to was satirical in its nature.

One of the facts you overlook is the folks at SHPG are everyday folks, we don’t claim to be college graduates with a wall full of diplomas. And just as in real life we cut up and clown around a bit.

We do not take refuge in “Ivory Towers” of higher education. We speak our mind and try as best we can to have the truth behind what we post! And on occasion the post are deleted, for any number of reasons, I myself have deleted a number of post that have contained racist veils or outright racist comments. But being an open group SHPG is vulnerable to inappropriate post. We try as best we can to police (censor) content to keep it as close to our stated mission as possible.

As for deleting post; Kevin Levin took down a post that painted a target on Susan Hathaway. This post criticized her and put all her personal information on line for all to see! With its negative overtones this post was nothing more than intimidation! Also after numerous comments from me about Kevin’s use of one of Mort Kunstler’s paintings that was a copyright violation he changed the post, then deleted many post that I hade made at his site.

I would suggest looking in the mirror before shining your Halos!

Dave Tatum


  1. Excellent! I suspect Perfesser Simpson won't know what to do with such a common-sense, straightforward post.

  2. I do, he will keep his "pie hole" shut!
    There ain't a whole lot of wiggle room on this one!