Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am a "Flagger"

I AM A FLAGGER"I speak for that which has no voice. I relay the message of Honor, Dignity, Respect, and Heritage to those who never knew, to those who have forgotten, and to attempt to reach those who refuse to hear.I travel many miles at my own expense, for which there is no reimbursement.

My weapons are the 1956 Georgia Flag, Battle Flag of the Confederacy, and Truth. My enemies are liberals, politicians, NAACP, SCLC, GABEO, SPLC, Black Caucus, media, scalawags, and those who worship ignorance, historical revisionism and Political Correctness.

The former Governor has called me an Extremist. The former Speaker of the House has called me a Jackass. The learned scribes in the papers have called me a Neo-Confederate Peckerwood. By a popular radio talking head I have been called a Flaggot. I have read in the media that I do not exist, and that I am a racist bigot. I wear those names as badges of honor.I have been hit with a rock. I have had to dodge a bottle thrown at me. I have been flipped off. I have been cursed. I have been called KKK and racist. I have been confronted. I have been threatened with arrest numerous times. I have been investigated by the GBI and I have had my civil rights trampled on almost every event I attend.

But for all that, I get thousands of smiles, waves, and thumbs-up.Jews have persecuted me. Christians have barred me from attending their 10 Commandments rally. Members of my own SCV camp have harassed and ignored my efforts. I have been called a Klansman at two jobs – one previous and my current one - and have been released from 2 other jobs for my beliefs and activities.I do what I do not for fame or glory (although I have appeared in print and on TV) but for the silent majority. I speak for the mute to the timid majority against the loud heritage-hating minority. My aim is to supply an unexpected education, while following the teachings of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and leadership of my Confederate Forebears.

I was born and raised in Virginia. I claim that state as my home, and as a son of Virginia, would come to her aid if ever there was a need, but I reside in Georgia, in the county where my father was born – the same county where 3 of my Confederate ancestors are from as well. Ironically, one of my ancestors fought in Virginia near my place of birth, in Cobb’s Legion infantry, during the Peninsula Campaign. At times I feel I am pulling double duty, representing Georgia and Virginia. I do it to represent the soldiers from 150 years ago, to represent Southerners today, and to protect my children for tomorrow.

I have even traveled the 650 miles each way to Flag a hotel in Williamsburg who covered some Confederate artwork to appease some DC black judges.When I think that my ancestors marched hundreds of miles barefoot, without proper food or adequate supplies, only to then form lines and march into cannon and musket fire by overwhelming odds and against superior numbers and better equipment – I only pray that my small effort is enough “Thanks” for what they sacrificed for me.The things I have mentioned are factual, and at times have been tough. I willingly accept the challenges and risks.

I take pride in taking a stand for the Cause. And for this Cause, I call others to flock to the banner of our ancestors, but most will not. Most find it more comforting to let others go into battle in their stead rather than miss a Football game or a dog washing. Some are “Keyboard Commandos” and write a mean letter, but have no guts to stand with a Flag against tyranny. Some are not even registered to vote. I call to them, but I shall never see them, for they lack their ancestors’ convictions, and refuse to stand up for Honor."- Billy Bearden

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  1. KB;
    Your negatively planted suppositions only reinforce my position that your blog is nothing more than a clearing house for Anti- Southern Neo-Yankees.
    You have no research abilities; you instead pose a question and leave the research up to others. Like I have said before--
    “When it comes to research you couldn’t find a cotton ball in a bottle of aspirin”

    And as for Robert Baker, your submitted comment had some good points, However after dealing with your name calling at SHPG I had enough of you. And FYI "I" was the one who booted you!
    When I clicked the Bann Preminately button I was glad to be rid of you. Calling women names at SHPG is what got you banned. IMHO it shows a lack of upbringing.