Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Then when exposed he states -

I sincerely apologize for the inappropriate things I posted to social media many years ago.”

He's a day late and a dollar short with his apology.
If he has a shred of Honor he will resign !

It's doubtful he will resign -

An online petition has started it states -

To Charlottesville City Council:

In light of recently revealed anti-white racist and pro-rape comments by Wes Bellamy, he must step down from his position on the Charlottesville City Council. We will not accept a racist who looks down on "little white men", who agrees "it aint rape if she moans", who "hates blacks who talk white". He is an unfit representative for our city and the values we uphold. He must step down or be removed immediately.

I have little faith in online petitions, but signed it --

If you'd care to -- Click Here


Bellamy Resigns ----

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  1. So, how did this turn out? Whose reputation is in the can? Bellamy or the Neo-confederate blogger?

    1. Bellamy resigned from his seat on the Virginia Board of Education, and from his teaching position at Albemarle High School. And if he had a shred of honor he would resign from the City Council.

      Kessler was due in Court Jan 31st on misdemeanor assault charges / I haven't found any information on the outcome.
      His petition for Bellamy's removal was dismissed.