Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quips from The Phantom Zone !

One of the things I've done is create my own "Phantom Zone" !

It's a place I banish troublesome Trolls to.  The folks who comment and just want to argue !

My last two post seem to have awakened the " Phantom Zone Residents "

Corey Meyer is one of the inhabitants - using the fake name Ralph Steel he recently  sent me this Jewel --- ( in response to drunk Yankees )

"It is reported that the Confederate commander at the battle of Griswoldville in Georgia during Sherman's march to the Sea. I think it was more common than what you think. Both with Yanks and Rebs".

This poor fella can't even compose a coherent sentence. I feel sorry for his students.

One of his Co-inhabitants is Rob Baker. Rob is famous for using the "Tu Quoque"** argument.
so in response to drunk Yankee's I get ---- " You know Confederate's did that too right ?"

** Tu quoque (/tˈkwkw/;[1] Latin for "you, too" or "you, also") 

Thanks for the laughs fellas

Update !!

It seems more noise is escaping from the Phantom Zone.

Do you Boys want some Cheese to go with that Whine ?

Quit Trolling and I will quit Spanking you !

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