Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Less Than Honorable ?

General George Armstrong Custer.

On June 11 1864 Gen Custer was involved in a battle at Trevilian Station.
After initial success he over extended his pursuit of Confederate wagons and found himself surrounded by Confederate forces. 

When his color bearer was hit Custer "Saved The Colors"
Unlike most others who save the Flag, Custer did not raise the colors.
He tore them from the staff and hid them under his coat !

After the fight Custer reported to Sheridan, who asked Custer if the colors had been taken ?

Custer pulled the flag from inside his coat, proudly waved it over his head, saying.
"Not by a damned sight- There it is" !

It's just my opinion, but Custer was just a tad short of honorable in his actions.

How many men North and South gave their lives forwarding the colors ?

Custer was a coward !


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  1. Reckless, eager to attack those who seemed weak or defenseless, and unconcerned about losses to his command, Custer was but a mirror image of the Yankee leaders of his day. Feel free to follow my blog:

  2. Gen Custer was a two-bit coward who stuffed his own flag in his armpit.

  3. One of Custer's men who served with him in Texas after the war said he had known suffering in the war, but never as much as when he served with Custer in Texas. Contrary to the pap we're given today, Custer was NOT loved by his men and if he had gone to succor Captain Reno and his men as they were being attacked on the Little Big Horn, he might have won the battle or at least survived, but he chose to leave Reno to his fate and go off and find "glory." Well, in a way he did. Reno survived, Custer did not.

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    1. Ralph my great Grandfathers unit, First Company Richmond Howitzers. did not surrender the flag at Appomattox. It was cut into pieces and given to the members.
      However this was after the surrender, there was no reason to focus on the flag as was done during a battle. No reason to form on the colors, the war was over !
      Custer hid the colors in the heat of battle, he did not forward the colors, or use them to inspire his men !
      I think that is different than furling the colors after the war.
      Did Grant say that all Battle flags were to be surrendered ?

    2. If hiding the flag to save it had been Custer's only failing (and I suppose it cannot be considered that), EVERYBODY would have been better off.

    3. Mr Steel, there is a huge difference between being required to voluntarily hand over your flag in an official surrender ceremony, to be done with as the victor deems fit, and the cowardly act of stripping it from its pole and hiding it in your shirt during the heat of battle.