Friday, May 9, 2014

Thanks Eddie.

My Buddy Eddie sent this to me !


                        ODE TO THE HEROES WHO SLEEP.

Sing o'er in song and story
The deeds of gallant braves
Who peacefully now are sleeping
In hero graves.
Camp fires of love still burning
Above each sacred mound.
While mem'ry's garlands verdant
Twine hearts around.

Furled is the gory banner,
Its beauty gone and worn,
Yet those who died to save it
In love we mourn.
Unfurl and proudly hail it,
As those who long ago
Hailed and bled and bore it
And loved it so.

Past is the din of battle,
And through the hill and plain,
Where fell in countless numbers
Hosts of the slain,
There rings the swelling echo,
Resounding from above,
Past foes and friends united
In peace and love.

Life's swelling tide rolls onward,
Mem’ry's leaves turn with age,
But hearts long since united
Warm each dead page
And keep with sacred passion
Love's most holy fire,
A holy inspiration
To son and sire.

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