Friday, July 26, 2013

Cannons Pointed North.


Cannons Pointed North.©
By David Tatum JR.

And “Then” the war was over.
Angry rifles were laid to rest.
A final order came by messenger 
And this is what it said!

“Take your rifles with you men,
But stray not from homes course.
And though they are not loaded,
Keep your cannons pointed north“.

The final salvo had been fired,
They fought bravely to the end,
And though the “Cause” was halted,
It’s the TRUTH, WE now defend!

And though the wars long over,
Dixie’s enemies still abound.
The TRUTH with our brave soldiers, 
Must not get buried in the ground.

We can not let this happed.
Bending history as it gets old,
To repay our southern Fathers 
It’s the Truth that must be told

So when my time in Dixie ends
A last request of all my friends!

Place my ashes in a cannon.

Make sure it’s pointed north!
Sing Dixie one more time - for me!
Then fire that Damn thing off!!

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