Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Which Door ?

The other day I read something written by Andy Hall, you can read it at
It pertains to Gary Adams and Susan Hathaway.

It kinda reminded me of the movie The Labyrinth !

The scene involves Sarah who has a riddle to solve,------------------ 

"one of us always lies, and one of us always tells the Truth"
You can watch the scene at---

OK so we got Andy seyz,-that Gary seyz,- that Susan seyz -- then throw in Rob Baker as a "Side Bar"and we got a real mess. 
Gary has been accused of lying and plagiarizing so many times, I find it strange that suddenly Andy  wants to believe a second hand statement !

Now then given the side of the fence that Andy and Rob tend to stand on, I'm suspect of the conclusion.

Sorry Andy I ain't buyin into your story, somethin just don't fit !

perhaps if ya could dig up the shoes ?

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