Friday, March 22, 2013

So what's the Big Deal ?

In their public statements, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts insists that the removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the Confederate Memorial Chapel in Richmond is part of their effort to maintain “historical accuracy” on the grounds of what once was the Robert E Lee Camp Old Soldiers’ Home.
In this photo, residents of the R. E. Lee Camp Soldiers’ Home, many of them holding Confederate battle flags, assemble during a Confederate reunion in Richmond, Virginia, in 1911.
It appears that not only was the Confederate Battle Flag the preferred flag of the soldiers themselves, but look closely and you will notice that many of them are waving the flags, even as the camera shutter is operating.
APPARENTLY, the carrying, and yes, even “waving” of Confederate Battle Flags on the grounds of the Old Soldiers’ Home is not only appropriate and honorable…it is also, in fact, HISTORICALLY ACCURATE!
Why then, are the Va Flaggers threatened with arrest if they dare step on the grounds of the RE Lee Memorial Park with THAT flag?
(From FB page Defending the Heritage) 
So why do so many folks ( mostly Yankee Bloggers) oppose the flags being replaced at the Chapel ?                                 After all they ain't got a nickle in the matter, they don't live in Virginia, they haven't said they had an ancestor who was at the place, so what's the big deal ?

The flags don't look out of place, after all it is a confederate Chapel !

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