Monday, January 2, 2012

Yes I support the VA Flaggers!

Shortly before his passing my Great Grand Father: John C Tatum, who was a member of the Richmond Howitzers was a patient at the RE Lee camp #1 in Richmond Virginia.
The picture above is a copy of his discharge papers form the facility!

The VMFA has removed the Confederate flags from the chapel ! And I am informed this is a violation of VA State law.

But law or no law it's wrong to do so !

So given my family connection to the chapel and the RE Lee camp I do have a legitimate interest in what happens there.

I have on one occasion joined the Flaggers to protest this action. However my work prevents me from joining them as much as I would like.

So to thank the folks who carry the colors I made some ribbons for them. Just my way of saying thanks, and staying involved!

Well wouldn't ya know it, some Yankee bloggers have taken a cheap shot at this action.

My question to them is " What's it to you?" No tax dollars were spent I made them at my cost and send them for free to the Flaggers. Why do I have to be a "Nut" to do what I have done?

But as always anything Confederate is open to attack by folks who have nothing better to do!

Hey fellas get a life ! Promote your heritage, quit knocking mine! What I am doing doesn't cost you a cent. And it sure as Hell is not spreading a lie or hate!

So if you will please just tell me why it offends you I would appreciate it!

Dave Tatum


  1. God bless you, David Tatum! I am proud to call you friend.

  2. Well I see none of the Yankee bloggers have anything to say, Just as well !

  3. They're too busy talking about Carl.

  4. Coming late to these remarks but... preach it, brother!

  5. I am to coming late but keep up the good work my friend. God bless the work your doing and dont let those liberal progressive get ya down. I just discovered your blog recently, but I am looking forward to coming back and visiting your site as often as possible.