Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's a hot day and you are walking through town , your feet are smokin hot from the concrete and asphalt, you pass by a lush green lawn, it has a sign, "Please Keep Off The Grass"

It doesn't say "No Trespassing" so would it be "proper" to take your shoes off and walk across the lawn ?

Your not walking across the lawn to damage it, but your poor feet are hot, so you say what's the harm? You also say I'm not breaking any law since the sign is a request!

Can you see where I'm coming from ?

Would it be "PROPER" to walk across the grass?

Connie Chastain @ has at her blog a note requesting that you not reprint material without permission!

Basically the same thing, so out of respect should you should follow her request?

I say yes ! Respect and Honor are seriously lacking in today's society !

But some folks just don't care, It's more important to inflate their blog hits by using controversial methods and ignoring scruples!

It's a sad state of affairs. This reflects directly upon the pirate who ignored a polite request !


  1. LOL...where is my comment? Did you not like my answer?

  2. You did not send comment ! I see nothing on my moderation page!

    Please try again !

  3. OH I guess now your gonna accuse me of not posting your comments.
    Come on Bubba ya got a clean shot ! Go for it, or set on the bench!

  4. What I sent was that I wonder if Connie got permission from Facebook to use their logo in conjunction with her logo? So much for your agument!

  5. Wrong You sent nothing to me !
    And it's not as much of an argument as it is a comment on your low life tactics.
    If you noticed I did not include a name or link to your page in my comment / question ! That would only serve your desires. More hits a your blog.
    You promised to stay away from pissing matches, but you sure as hell start em!
    "I wonder if Connie got permission from Facebook to use their logo in conjunction with her logo"? -
    So tell me what you know; not what you wonder!
    Same old crap from you, trying to avoid the subject by throwing the spotlight else wears.
    Your Scared of a hypothetical question : Would it be proper to walk on the grass?
    Come on you pompous loser , Man up ! If you have any man in your DNA you will Take responsibility for your actions! But I’m sure that will never happen you have no Pride or Dignity, the concept of Honor will always elude you, because you have no concept of its meaning.
    Years ago at the local Zoo there were two Chimps, Chuck and Judy. Chuck had become addicted to cigarettes. Back then you could smoke in public, Chuck would motion to anyone smoking by simulating the smoking action with two fingers , acting as if he were smoking. If you did not throw him a lit smoke he would throw feces at you.
    That’s all you ever do “Throw Crap”! Historian my ass. You can’t even document your own family!

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  8. Connie sends her thanks for the Update!
    I was mistaken as well!
    Connie will correct her mistake!
    Will you?

  9. The way I read it you can use the Logo but not integrate it with another logo. Morph the two together!
    Connie has promised to fix the error.

    Now then what about you ? PFFFFFFFFT ! Yea like thats gonna happen!

  10. David,

    You are an insignificant mean little man and I am done with you. You can say what you want about me or my family. You count for nothing...nothing.

  11. What's wrong Bubba ? Did I hit a nerve ?

  12. Actually David, your post is sort of a moot point. Please keep off the grass is usually a directive established by property owners. If it is private property, yes it is unlawful not to follow the owners request. They can then tell you to stay off, and then even cite you as such with the authorities. Public property is the same if the city has placed the signs. You can receive a citation. In the case of this logo situation, Mr. Meyer is acting within the confines of the law. He reserves the right to do so. But slamming behind something stereotypical such as , "Respect and Honor are seriously lacking in today's society," is a misunderstanding of just how bad the past was in slamming one another. Jefferson had papers stolen, Jefferson went behind the backs of others and so on. Ultimately, this is just another way for people to be argumentative. That includes Connie. If you are going to take from my cite, please act in accordance with the law. That is basically it.

    1. Rob,

      What I want to know is what happened to the next post that David put up and then removed as soon as I commented on it. I don't think he liked what I had to say about his "Cry Baby" post!

  13. Corey:
    I thought you were through with me ! What's up ?
    "Is no try is Do or Not do" !

    I once read that you love to debate until some one quits !
    I guess your love for debate outweighs your common sence.

    1. Sorry Dave, I just saw this reply.

      "I guess your love for debate outweighs your commons sense."

      Please elaborate on this. You are very vague in this retort and failed to address any points that I made above. Thanks.

  14. LOOOOOOOL ! I did strike a nerve with you !! GOOD !
    The only thing that keeps me from cutting loose on you is I try to show respect !
    But tell me : what got you in a tizzy, was it the Chimp throwing crap, or the "Historian" part. Both apply !

  15. David,

    Nothing got me in a tizzy. Why? Did you think what you have to say bothers me. I am just waiting for you to really tear into me...I doubt you can do it with any real force.

  16. " I don't think he liked what I had to say about his "Cry Baby" post"!
    Yea I stay away from profanity, that's why I didn't post your comment . I also deleted the post after I was sure you got the message.
    Now then if you are done with this "mean insignificant little man": Please quit wasting band width, and go play outside!