Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pro Southern Blogger my Ass !

Pro-southern blogger my Ass !

Recently Kevin Levin made the contemptible claim to be a pro southern blogger!
I have no idea who he is trying to hoodwink, but he damn sure ain’t fooling me, or any other reasonable individual who has a minimal education and the ability to read.

If you can read “See Spot, See Spot Run” and comprehend what it says you can see clear through Levin’s snake oil- “My version tells all”- adaptation of history.

With such blog post as / “Was Michael Jackson a Black Confederate” / ” I Think I’ve seen this painting before” / “Loyal Slaves Extra” / “ Show your Gay Confederate Pride” and his numerous attacks on Ann DeWitt, he has more than shown his true colors.

Not only has he attacked Ann, but he had the audacity to post the profile and personal information of a young lady from Richmond VA. “Susan Hathaway” as the subject of a blog post! Why? Because Susan had a different view of things, and was not afraid to post facts and opinions. The same as Ann Dewitt has done.

In the past few weeks I have seen 1 or 2 affirmative post regarding Confederate items at kevins’blog.

It’s thin Confederate icing on a large Yankee cake. No thanks I don’t want a slice!

A Tiger has stripes, and if you shave away all the fur from the Tiger you will find that his skin has stripes as well! There is no way to remove the stripes.

The same thing applies to Kevin Levin. Sure you can make a post or two as a smoke screen to say “Look at this, I am pro South”. But when you shave away the stripes the markings still remain, and just like the Tiger there is no way to expunge them.

Levin your “Trojan Horse” pro south hand-outs should be burned at the gate. You can’t carry the torch of Lincoln for all those years and then “snuff the flame out” in the face of loyal Southern men and women. Some of us may have been born at night, “But it won’t last night”

Kevin added to all your other dubious attributes you can now add, scammer. Your recent pro south post are nothing more than a scam. Their only purpose is to shave the stripes off the Tiger, and that won’t work!

I will be watching my E-Mails for a “Congratulations Notice” telling me that I have won $ in the Boston / Nigeria E-Mail lottery.


  1. "Saul! Saul! Why persecutest thou Me?!"

    Thus spake Jesus Christ to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus where Saul was going to bring ruin upon the Christians in that city. Of course, from that overwhelming event came the conversion of Saul, persecutor of the Christian Church to St. Paul, one of its greatest apologists. Thus, when anyone has a conversion experience of such magnitude it is called a "Road to Damascus" experience.

    As one might guess, such overwhelming conversions are rare indeed - but not impossible. However, they do not happen in a vacuum; there are SIGNS when they DO occur. The first of such is that the convert ACKNOWLEDGES HIS (OR HER) ERROR AND PUBLICLY REPENTS. The intentions of the convert regarding his previous actions are irrelevant. Saul THOUGHT he was doing God's will but when confronted with the truth, he humbly admitted that he was following HIS OWN understanding of "truth," but now he KNEW BETTER and was sorry.

    The SECOND sign of such a sincere conversion is the desire to undo (as much as possible) all past harm done to the cause and people previously persecuted. This Paul did by preaching to the Church - that is, the people he had come to put help put to death. He didn't even accept their hospitality, but worked with his own hands to support himself. He also wrote prodigiously about what he now understood as the truth. Certainly, any convert must use the same tools that he used in he former condition to make amends when he is now part of the group he once attacked.

    So, if Mr. Levin has indeed "converted," then we should expect acknowledgment of his past errors and the use of his pen to forward the cause he once persecuted. I am inclined to believe, however, that I am more likely to see hell freeze over.

  2. LOL...what is so funny is that you actually took him seriously. Amazing!

  3. Glad you agree!
    So even you now admit Kevin is anti southern! Thanks for the back up!
    Not a show both sides of the story; Historian / Teacher ! But a straight up anti southern bigot!
    Not the type of fellow I would want teaching my Grand Children!
    Atta Boy KB. It’s about time you opened your eyes and called a bigot a bigot!
    I’m sure the next time he steals your work and you take it like a whipped puppy you will feel better about exposing your mentor for what he is !

  4. "I am more likely to see hell freeze over"

    Twice in one Day !

  5. Wow you are that serious. Is Kevin Anti-southern...NO...not at all! Is he anti-lost cause...I would say so. But since you do not note the difference you would see him as anti-southern.

    But that is your problem!

  6. I have no problem other than dealing with bigots and their boot licks!

    And all things considered it’s my duty and an honor to defend my ancestors and the men who fought beside them, from the likes of Kevin and boot licks like you!

    Of course I’m serious; my ancestors mean something to me! I have heart in the matter! And I will stand with every ounce of resolve I have to defend them! Just as they stood with all they had to protect their homes from Lincolns’ invaders! I owe them that much!

    If anyone has a problem it’s you, you have no heritage to be proud of, so like many others you continue to attack we that do!

    Keep on attacking and I will keep on defending!

  7. So let me see if I understand honor your ancestors and that is a big thing to you and everyone should respect that! Fine, whatever. But don't complain to me when other want to honor their ancestors despite the fact that their facts run contrary to your lost cause version.

    BTW, my ancestors mean something to me...why do you think I keep this up. I have plenty of heritage to be proud of and that is where you problem begins. My heritage runs contrary to yours and that is what you can't stand.

    In the is still your problem!

  8. "But don't complain to me when other want to honor their ancestors despite the fact that their facts run contrary to your lost cause version".

    Who is complaining to you? And if so who and about what?

    I guess your ancestors who served with Sherman could be something to be Proud of!

    After all starving, shelling, robbing and raping civilians does have its merits!

    For me it is a problem your ancestors were thieves, robbers ,rapist, who invaded the south!

    But if that’s something you are proud of so be it!

    If your so proud of them Blog about them, tell us all how they conducted themselves, tell us how they treated the free and slave population of the south! Research your ancestors as I have done mine!

    I have posted many letters from my ancestors as well as the men who fought with them.

    I haven’t seen you do the same! Go for it !!! Show us all why you have pride in your ancestors!

    DO IT !

  9. Sadly I do not have any letters from my ancestor who marched with Sherman. However I do know that your claims of them being thieves and rapists is unsupported by any real history. Did they forage liberally? bet. Did they rob?...I am sure some did. Did they rape?...very few rapes are recorded or reported. There are as many kind acts as there are rapes and robberies.

    I will blog about them and was planning to but the post of this site and SHPG are hard to pass on when the information is so poorly presented. did the vote go in Lexington last night?

  10. Didn't Gen Sherman say -
    "There is a class of people (in the South), men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order."

    That kinda puts it in a nutshell!

    “Sadly I do not have any letters from my ancestor who marched with Sherman.”

    Well even without my ancestors’ letters, I could tell you where his unit was at “Every Day” from 4/21/1861 until 4/10/1865. It’s called RESEARCH. I know that’s a foreign concept to you, but try it sometime !

    Do your handlers know you’re posting here? I thought Brooks’ had a tighter leash on you! What happened to ? -----------------------------------------
    “For some time now I have been thinking about how to change the blog to give it a more positive tone and direction. After reading Brooks Simpson’s latest post I think it is time to make that change. As we are now fully into the Sesquicentennial I have been thinking about how my local area played a role in war and I think it is time to start blogging about that instead of arguing with childish and poorly informed people. Granted these folks are entitled to have their own opinions and discuss them when and where they like, I am just not going to participate in their pissing matches any longer”

    I see your blog has reverted to the old KB,I guess a Tiger can’t change its stripes can it?

    The Vote at Lexington went as expected!

    Now a question for you, Which taste better, Black or Brown Boot polish?

  11. Despite what Sherman said...he did not kill men, women and children in the south... and you know it.

    As for my research on my ancestors units...yes, I have done that research (Adjutant General's Regimental History, Dyer's Regimental History, Regimental histories, Unit reunions, etc) but that will not tell me exactly how they conducted themselves or how they treated southern civilians. It may lend to some insight but not like personal letters.

  12. So in one sentence you tell me they did not kill women and children - ect.
    And in the next you tell me you have no idea how they conducted themselves!
    Do you ever read what you write?
    Seriously you contradict yourself within one paragraph!
    You better start letting one of your handlers proof read your comments before posting them!

  13. David,

    Please allow me to type very slowly for you since your superior intellect cannot seem to keep up. From the sources that we have of the march we can say with a high degree of credibility that Sherman nor his men targeted civilians in any murderous way. Now, despite knowing that fact, I cannot say what my ancestors did because I do not have any personal letters.

    Now I can provide a big picture of their movements but I do not know what was in their hearts or minds. You do...fantastic! More power to you. But the two comments above were not totally connected in the way you read them.

    Hope the slow typing helped!

  14. Well the slow typing helped you!
    No spelling mistakes!
    when ya get finished licking the boots of whoever helped you, here is a little "cut and paste" item for you!

  15. Tell ya what KB, I.m gonna put a bullet in this horse, and help you keep your promise
    " I am just not going to participate in their pissing matches any longer".

    I guess your promise to change direction was a temporary thing!


  16. It also shows that Levin just has a problem with Southern Women as well as Black Southerners who honor their heritage.