Thursday, September 1, 2011

Printing of Paroles.

J.C. Tatums Original Parole!

J.C. gives a brief account of the parole printing.

It’s a small snippet of history.

It regards the printing of paroles at Appomattox on April 10th 1865 .

The last sentence says “The parole was printed in a wagon in the woods by order of Grant, who was nearby at the time” .

Nothing earth shattering, no profound revelation, just a tidbit of information I thought I would share!

But it also states – “This parole John C Tatum was very proud of as it proved he honorably served his country to the close of the war”!

The total number of paroles printed form thin press was 28.231. Documentation from *Historians says the printing of the paroles was done at the Clover Hill Tavern; perhaps the wagon was in the woods by the tavern. (* Bean Counters)

This last picture is from a web page, I lost the address, but don't wish to be accused of plagiarism.


  1. Did he mark out anything he didn't agree to before he signed? I know some of 'em did that.

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  3. I'm not aware of any alterations!
    I have his original parole and it is posted at the top of this post!

  4. Not long ago, John Mosby's OATH, not parole was auctioned off for thousands of dollars. The man who took it kept it and his family eventually passed it down. I sure wish I could have gotten it....sigh. His parole is someplace in the records, I guess. It was signed in Lynchburg in late June after one false attempt. A good story that.