Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who Was the Confederate soldier ?

So who was the Confederate soldier?

He was a man of every color, every income range, every religion, a man who was highly educated or had no education at all. A farmer, a lawyer, a politician, a store clerk, a blacksmith, a ship captain, a dock worker, a military man, a civilian, a slave , a slave owner,A free Black man, a native American, A Doctor, He was every man who resisted the despotic Government of Abe Lincoln; and all had one thing in common, they were Southerners!

Men to whom Honor was more than an idea, it was a way of life.
Men of courage, outnumbered, without supplies’, Men who when the enemy had repeating rifles and endless amounts of ammunition , stood their ground and threw rocks at the invaders.

Men who at Appomattox upon General Lee’s return from the surrender told the general,
Just give us the word general and we’ll charge em again”!

That is who they were, and that is why we honor them.


  1. Men to whom Honor was more than an idea, it was a way of life!
    In Case you ain't figgured it out yet: I'm finished with you.
    Find another soap box Bubba!

  2. Your Blogging buddy, reposted ( Cut and pasted) an Interesting item which in part says

    "The Confederate Congress approved the drafting of slaves. But only a handful were drafted and few saw combat."

    Now then he did not dispute this fact! So in essence he believes it or is ignoring it!
    If the Black Confederate was a myth I would think he would have disputed this statement. He chose not to.
    So now it’s a numbers game! Not if there were Black confederates, but how many!