Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Once upon a time !

I do a lot of posting on Face Book.

One thing is certain, 
 Ya Never Know Which Post are Gonna Catch Fire --

I made a post Today and got a lot of folks liking it --




And that was it !

No need to mention the fact that the P.C. crowd would go nuts
 if a similar item were to be offered today !

And that's kinda sad !

HASBRO issued the item in 2000,
A 12" figure.
Johnny is very detailed and has a large number of nicely detailed parts.
The uniform is the shell jacket in Butternut, blue pants, socks, boots, shirt, suspenders and forage cap.
Johnny has a a British Enfield rifled musket. He also has a union equipment belt with the US up side down, bayonet with scabbard (the bayonet fits on the Enfield), canteen,cartridge box, and haversack.  
Johnny also has a Battle flag.

A nicely done historical piece, the upside down buckle shows
 that a bit of research was done in his manufacturing.

As I said,
It's a shame the P.C. crowd / snowflakes, would have such a huge problem with
something that has Historical Accuracy.


I don't usually post comments from Corey Meyer, but in the spirit of Christmas --
I'll post this one ----

"C'mon David, show us the Barbie section of your doll collection." 

Sorry Corey, no Barbies, the closest thing I have is  ---

But if I had a Barbie it would be this one --

N.A.S.C.A.R. Barbie.

Remember Corey, Santa is watching you --

Merry Christmas !

It's back to the Phantom Zone -- Say Hello to Gen. Zod !

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