Monday, October 3, 2016

Overlooking the Dedication !

One of the things the Floggers often tout is the ongoing protest at the VMFA. 
They consider it a defeat, because the flags have not returned.

Hmmmmmm ?  I look at it as an ongoing battle that shows the resilience and determination 
of the Virginia Flaggers.

Twice a week for 5 years the Flaggers show up ! 
Peacefully and respectfully our views are presented.
The Virginia Flaggers seem to have more Determination at Flagging than Levin does at Teaching.

Yes I said "Our" views because I consider myself a Virginia Flagger.

Now then, Despite the implications by Levin, Simpson and their followers
I have never met a White Supremacist at any of the functions I've attended.

I've never received any racist communications in my MANY E-mails with the group.

It has been 100% about honoring our Confederate Ancestors.

Levin in his typical fashion says 

"Of course there will be more flags, because there is no sign that communities across Virginia and the rest of the South have finished re-evaluating the appropriateness of Confederate iconography."

I see no need to re-evaluate The Confederate Battle Flag -

It is now what it has always been 

The Soldiers Flag !

It fly's  today to HONOR the men who followed it then !

Spin it any way you want, trump up any connection you can dream up,
and nothing changes.

It's about HONOR !

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