Tuesday, July 5, 2016

From Pricey to PRICELESS !

At the end of my last Blog post I put up the following picture --

It is a small pin about the size of a Dime, I got it a few years ago ( from E-Bay ? )
It's from the 1920's I also posted the picture on a number of Southern Friendly F/B pages.

Jumpin Jack Rabbits
I was shocked at how many people liked it and received a few offers from people to purchase it.

So I did some digging and found its origin ---

Click here for source

Home for Needy Confederate Women

"Following the close of the Civil War in 1865, several destitute widows of Confederate
soldiers living in Richmond decided to live together and pool their small resources. In
1897, the Ladies Auxiliary of Camp Pickett of the Confederate Veterans became aroused by
the plight of these widows and organized a bazaar which raised $1,000. This success
provided the impetus for an effort to form a home for destitute women who were related to
Confederate veterans. In 1898 the General Assembly granted a charter to "provide a home
for needy wives, widows, sisters and daughters of Confederate Sailors, Soldiers, and

It's just a small pin that is worth a few dollars,

But it's not the monetary value that is impressive.

It's the story behind it.

A story of survival and unity from the Confederate Women who survived the war.

That story has moved it from a pricey item, to one that is Priceless. 

Guess I'll be keeping it !


I got some more info from a F/B contact on the pin -----

That's a 1920s Home for Confederate Women donation pin. It was sold by the Robert E Lee camp of Confederate Veterans for a refuge built in Richmond Virginia. If it's original is should be about 7/8 in diameter. A straight pin/needle in the back with no locking hook or latch. It would be made of celluloid wrapped tin. Depending on the condition determines the price it's worth. They've gone for $125 to $ 150 in medium/moderate condition. But i would hang on to it if i was you. They're rare to find a real one and from what i see so far you may have a real one. 

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