Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mystery Solved !

For some time I have wondered what happened at the war's end,
to William Henry Tatum and my Great Grand Father John C Tatum.

Brothers who were members of the same outfit / First Company Richmond Howitzers.

Look at the dates of their Parole / Pardons --

J.C Tatum's is April 10th, Appomattox VA.

William H. Tatum April 18th, Richmond VA.

So what happened ? Why would two brothers who had grown up under the same roof and served in the same outfit during the war be split apart at the end ?

Well one thing I've started doing is re-reading books in my collection, and on page 44 of The Richmond Howitzers, by Lee Wallace Jr I found the answer.

JC. went to Appomattox, while William set out for North Carolina. Although his name is not listed the date and location of his pardon indicate he went south.

I'm fortunate to have the documentation available to solve the mystery.