Wednesday, April 23, 2014

People in Hell !

Via Gregory Burkett

Defending the Heritage, and all those who read these words, I address the idiocy on-going at Washington and Lee University by the "Committee" of 7 Law Students who in their finite knowledge have the audacity to "demand" the removal of flags that are INSIDE of the Lee Chapel. 

(1) This is a PRIVATE institution that YOU applied for, and were chosen, to attend.

 (2) You knew good and well where you were going and
 (3) Accepted Scholarships sponsored by W & L, one of which is from the estate of George Washington (another American who owned slaves-did you turn that money down?).
 (4) You can easily go to other like minded Liberal institutions 
(5) Furthermore you may rest assured that your actions will not be forgotten when you go applying to positions as an Attorney at Law, should you be so graced by the State Bar here in the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA! Thank you D.T..H, I stand by you as always!!!

To the Committee of 7, from Dave Tatum -- "People in Hell want Ice Water"


  1. So much for keeping it about the history eh Dave...LOL

    1. Well Corey I don't consider it a part of Blog Wars, I look at it as an attack on my heritage, and I will take whatever actions I deem necessary.
      But stay tuned I'm getting ready to do a few post on Longstreet !

  2. Dav,

    I think you would be interested in the debates on this issue over on Kevin Levin's website. The overwhelming majority of people are in favor of leaving the flags where they are. It's worth a read.