Friday, January 24, 2014

This & That !

I've been kinda busy lately putting the finishing touches on my Booklet - "From A Confederate Heart"

 As it stands now it has 18 poems,some quotes from Confederate Soldiers, and a few pictures to accompany a few of the poems.

I'm going to ask $5.00 a copy + 2 first class postage stamps. $3.00 will go to the VA Flaggers, $2.00 will be used to cover my printing cost, and the stamps will be used to send you your booklet.

I ain't making a cent off the deal, but I wish to support the Flaggers.
I'm waiting on the Ink cartridges I ordered from E-bay to arrive and I will start printing them.
So if you would like a copy contact me at, It's a first come first serve type thing.
I can only print a few copies at a time cause I ain't rich, and I am going to do my best to print the books in color.
UPDATE --- The cheap e-bay ink is not giving me the quality I want, Hmmmmm ? another delay !!!!!

Moving right along --Gov. Terry McAullife’s Lee-Jackson Day Proclamation =

Kevin Levin is yammerin about what he thinks is missing from this Proclamation.

Ya know, for an educated guy he is clueless !
he says - "Perhaps this proclamation falls in line with previous years, but it seems to me to be an exercise in saying as little about the cause for which they fought as possible."

Yeeeeesh ! Kevin it's a Lee-Jackson Day proclamation, NOT a Lee - Jackson, Reason(s) for secession day proclamation.


  1. Lee, Jackson, and tens of thousands of others answered the call of their State. Enough cause. Enough said.