Thursday, June 27, 2013

Terrorism !

This Photo of The Oklahoma City Bombing
Touches My Heart Like NO Other Image I've Ever Seen !
A child / who will never ride a pony, or Blow out the candles on a birthday cake.
An innocent victim of a mad man ! Who in his mind was doing the right thing !
Hitler, Stallin, Malosivich, Hussain, Polpot, Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, all fit the same Profile.
All Criminals, who were doing what they thought was the right thing.
Lincoln condoned the shelling of confederate civilians, Grant and Sherman were all at ease doing this.
Look again at the picture, the year doesn't matter, Oklahoma City, Petersburg VA. or Georgia.
This is the reality of the mad men who devised the Tactics. Truck Bomb or cannon ball it matters not !
Herman Goering during the war crimes trials from WWII was asked where he got his tactics from.
His Answer " From American General Sherman."

Look again at the picture, take a long hard look ------

Then tell me that Lincoln was right in invading the South !

General Sherman's out look at the war
The cause of the war is not alone in the nigger, but in the mercenary spirit of our countrymen.”

Then he moved on to the American Indians =
General Sherman / “We must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux, even to their extermination, men, women and children.”

General Grant / Gen Order # 11 -
The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the department within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order.
Post commanders will see to it that all of this class of people be furnished passes and required to leave, and any one returning after such notification will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permit from headquarters. No passes will be given these people to visit headquarters for the purpose of making personal application of trade permits

Hitler / “The internal expurgation of the Jewish spirit is not possible in any platonic way. For the Jewish spirit as the product of the Jewish person. Unless we expel the Jewish people. Unless we expel the Jewish people soon, they will have judaized our people within a very short time.”

At the end of the War, a few weeks before Lincoln was assassinated, Union General Benjamin Butler asked him what he was going to do with all the recently free Southern Blacks. To this Lincoln replied, "I think we should deport them all."

So lets for a moment think about something ! If Slavery was always an evil, wouldn't terrorism be also.

No matter the year, no matter past moral interpretations. Right is right and wrong is wrong.
The picture above could just as well been taken in 1864 during the shelling of Petersburg.

The same heartbreak and sadness would apply ! And the same injustice would still exist !

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  1. A relative bit from Ben Butler's book --

    A conversation was held between us after the negotiations had failed at Hampton Roads, and in the course of the conversation he said to me : —

    "But what shall we do with the negroes after they are free? I can hardly believe that the South and North can live in peace, unless we can get rid of the negroes. Certainly they cannot if we don't get rid of the negroes whom we have armed and disciplined and who have fought with us, to the amount, 1 believe, of some one hundred and fifty thousand men. I believe that it would be better to export them all to some fertile country with a good climate, which they could have to themselves.

    "You have been a stanch friend of the race from the time you first advised me to enlist them at New Orleans. You have had a good deal of experience in moving bodies of men by waterj^ your movement up the James was a magnificent one. Now, we shall have no use for our very large navy; what, then, are our difficulties in sending all the blacks away?