Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Things Never Change !

Illinois was “almost a slave state” and had “a slave code that was harsher and wider in scope than some of those in the South.” Robert P. Howard (129-131)

The man Lincoln called his “special friend” Ward H. Lamon said that the Ill. Black Code, “was of the most preposterous and cruel severity, a code that would have been a disgrace to a slave state and was simply and infamy in a free one. It borrowed the provisions of the most revolting laws known among men, for exiling, selling, beating, bedeviling and torturing Negroes, whether bond or free.” They were not repealed until after the war and Lincoln never said a word against them. My my my….what they don’t teach in schools. 

Blacks had no legal rights a white man was bound to respect and it was a crime for them to settle in Illinois unless they could prove their freedom and post a $1000 bond. Any black man found without a certificate of freedom was considered a runaway and could be apprehended and auctioned off by the sheriff to pay the cost of his confinement. None of this seemed to bother Lincoln. 

The architect of the Negro Exclusion Law, undoubtedly the most severe anti-Negro measure passed by a state was John A. Logan (future Lincoln appointee Union General and Chicago CW icon). 

“punishment enough for Blacks to live among such cruel, inhospitable beings as the residents of Illinois, not to mention the additional burden of having to live under such a law.” Horace Greeley

“an act of special and savage ruthlessness.” New Orleans Bee

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                       Putnam County Illinois !

( 2010 Cencus )

Putnam County High School                     

( 2013 Putnam County School's Web page )


I already have a medal !
Thanks for offering !


  1. did something any kid could do with a computer and internet connection. Do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?

    What is your point in the post personal information about me because I did it to you by accident or are you trying to make some sort of racial comment about Illinois or where I work? If you continue to make the later you will continue to show that you have a very lacking understanding of history.

  2. OK let me spell it out for you !

    1- I have never directly connected you to your place of employment !!!

    2- Your posting of my personal info was no accident ! OK the address thing "may" have been a mistake ( Pfffffft ) had it been posted alone, but you included a google map of my home with it ! When you add the two together it shows your intent ! Care to explain your actions ? You gleaned my personal info from the internet, compiled it, and posted it.
    You said anyone could find it , it wasn't sensitive information. Well you took all the work out of it for them by doing what you did. That was a PUNK thing to do !
    A PUNK THING TO DO !!! What I have done is less than honorable but I never connected you directly to your place of employment, your own paranoia let you do that all on your own !

    3 - The post is open to interpretation, I'm just putting up the raw numbers ! You have drawn your own conclusion !

    It's funny, all you Yank's are quick to call us racist without hesitation, but when a post is made that open to interpretation Y'all get mighty defensive !

    I must congratulate you, you connected yourself to your place of employment, and this is the second thing you have posted lately that has no spelling errors !

    Oh ! By the way I'll take the medal you offered !

  3. You make the medals if I remember...make your own. And what connection do you think people will make when they see your "info"?

    The "info" is not up to interpretation...people know what you are trying to say when you connect it to the story above. Your "intent" is clear! But it is quite clear you don't know the first thing about where I live and you should not try.

  4. A little "Testy" a'int we ? Seems I plucked a nerve !
    I already got a medal, I included a picture for you !

    Enjoy your "Lilly White" existence !
    It speaks volumes about who you are !

    Now then, when you "man up" and apologize for intentionally posting my info, I will entertain the notion of posting further comments from you.
    Or you can stay a "PUNK" !

    Have a nice day !

  5. David,

    I already apologized on my site in the comments and removed the info and pictures when you asked me to. What else do you want. And I don't have a lily white existence...again you don't know what you are talking about. But you just keep on stepping in it...

    And as for the medal...I could buy one on Ebay...

    But again, I apologize for posting personal information.

    1. OK apology accepted !

      But if you buy that Medal on e-bay, just remember what happens to a Vampire when you touch a Crucifix directly on their skin.

  6. OK Corey, would a guy from Alabama interpret this post the same way a guy from Peoria would ? So there is room for interpretation !
    As for the lily white thing, 93% of the students at your school are white, 6% Hispanic, that's 99% accounted for ! So the max % of black students at your school is 1%, so with a student body of 292 (?) you got 3 black students at your school, I'm using stats provided by your school.
    Why is that ?
    Could it be a hangover effect that is prevalent with the folks who live in the county ? A lot of beliefs are passed on from generation to generation. You can, but it would be foolish to deny this fact !
    You understand don't you ? A hang over from the time when the Black Codes were in effect !
    If not why is the ratio of black to white so low ?
    You seem to have an answer for everything, so I would be interested in your expert analysis of this ratio !
    Oh back to the medal / e-bay thing, yep you could buy one agreed,
    But "YOU" could NEVER attain the honor that comes from earning one !
    When an SCV camp entrusts you with the camp colors you are in possession of the camps heart ! I'm not sure you can understand the concept ! And I'm pretty sure I got one of your Punk comments coming on the medal thing, and a song and dance on the Black / White ratio in "Lily White" Putnam County !

  7. No, it is not a "hangover" from the time of the black codes. If you do any type of research you would understand that despite the codes being on the books, most Illinoians were not supporting of the codes and those codes were not heavily enforced. The Illionis Valley...including Putnam County...was well know for its Abolitionist and anti-slavery feelings...for there is a very strong Quaker presence you did not care to look at that stat did you.

    Why is the ratio of blacks to whites low in PC? Could it be that PC is the smallest county in area in Illinois? Could it be that there are only about 6,000 people in the entire county? Could it be that it is mainly an agricultural county whereas most African-Americans who migrated to the state went to the bigger cities for factory jobs? I don't seem to claim knowledge of this tell me big man.

    It is odd though...since the county tends to always vote democrat and it full of Union members. However it should be noted that the students I have had who were the most racist in their views of blacks were always the ones with Confederate Flag shirts, belt buckles and rebel flags on their 4x4 trucks...just good old boys though I am sure....

    As for the medal...I suppose if I look hard enough on all the distant branches of the family tree I could find a rebel since one ancestor I know of came from Virginia and owned a slave in the early 1700' I don't doubt that I have a traitor or two in the family....just like you David..just like you.

  8. A fair explanation of the "Lily White" make up of PC,
    So it is a Vanilla Village any way you look at it !

    As for the boys who are racist, well the flag attracts folks from every walk of life, and unfortunately racist are in the mix. I'm sure that other racist live in Vanilla Village, ones who say the pledge and go to Church on Sunday !

    Your reply was informative but you had to go "Punk" !
    My ancestors were not traitors they were "Defending" their homes from an invading army !
    An army of thugs who robbed and destroyed the property of the inhabitants of Virginia.
    I've posted the letters from my ancestors, I'm hiding nothing !

    No Corey in no way are alike.