Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Law is the Law !

PAC103-10-30. Procedures.
§ 23-253.4 of the Code of Virginia.
(as of June 15 2012)

B. Prohibited activities. No soliciting, pamphleteering, assemblages or the displaying of flags, banners, or devices designed or adapted to bring into public notice any party, organization, or movement shall be permitted within the museum, its grounds or other properties except as provided herein.

D. Permit required. Assemblages, meetings or functions that are not sponsored by the museum or that are not held at the museum pursuant to a contract with the museum require a permit. Requests for permits for assemblages, meetings, or functions by any party, organization, movement or other private group must be in writing, must be submitted to the director at least 15 working days prior to the requested date, and must contain the following information:

1. Name of organization, date of origin, status (corporation, unincorporated association, partnership, nonprofit corporation, etc.) and name and address of registered agent, if a corporation.

2. Name, title within the organization, permanent address, occupation, and telephone number of the individual member who shall be responsible for the conduct of the meeting or function.

3. Statement as to the approximate number of members or other persons who will attend.

4. Date and specific period of time requested (from......to.....).

5. Purpose of meeting or function, to include names and titles of speakers, if any.

E. Parking lots and walkways. Except for approved functions, the vehicular drives and parking lots within the museum grounds must remain unencumbered and the pedestrian walkways must afford reasonable movement of pedestrians at all times during public service hours.

F. Denial of permit. Requests for meetings or functions of organizations shall be denied if, after proper inquiry, the director determines that the proposed event will impair the general enjoyment or use of the museum building, its grounds and other properties; will disrupt the public visiting the museum or attending an approved function; will endanger the security or condition of the collection or the welfare, health, and safety of visitors and persons performing various duties on the premises; or will impose additional expenditure of staff or facility resources.

G. Violation of Virginia law. The director may refuse authorization for the use of the museum building, its grounds or other property, if there is reason to believe that the organization requesting a permit is organized, functioning, or conducting business in violation of Virginia law.

H. Written approval. Authorization for the use of the museum building, its grounds or other property will be set forth in a letter addressed to the individual named in subdivision D 2 of this section.

Well folks that is the law ! Right or wrong !

So ya ain't got no business totin a flag on museum property  unless ya got permission.

That's not to say I don't think the flags should not be returned to the chapel, 
I think they should,  but all protest should remain within the framework of the law, or ya gotta accept the consequences ! Even though this law was amended AFTER the Flaggers started to protest, it's the law !


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