Sunday, May 6, 2012

Diplomas !

Diplomas, awards of recognition, meritorious service awards and other such papers are often given to deserving individuals who by their efforts have earned them.
I applaud everyone who has dedicated themselves and shown the efforts to attain such recognition.
However (ya knew that was coming didn’t ya) What one does with a Diploma’s implied acknowledgment’s is just as important as the achievement itself !

After all you can teach a dog to fetch a paper, but ya can’t teach him to read it!

Please take the time to go to this link and read an inspiring story !

Dexter Manley who played for the Redskins, Graduated High School and got into college. He could only read on a second grade level. But God bless him he did the right thing. Mr. Manley  took a positive action approach and learned how to read. His story should be a map for others who can’t read.

My problem in this scenario is that some folks who can read, and have earned diplomas, abuse their credentials and mislead others into believing a false history! People who on the front page speak with authority and tout their credentials, but on the back page talk like drunken sailors slinging insults and profanity. 

Your Character is gauged on what you do when no one is around to see what you are doing! At my last post while on patrol I found a wallet in the parking lot. I took it into the office, placed it in the lost and found , then I documented it in the passdown log. I never opened it. When my boss came on site I told him of the find. He opened the wallet counted the money inside. $8.00 .  It was then I found out it was a test to see if I could be trusted. The company had placed the wallet where I would be sure to see it, and wanted to see what my actions would be. Thanks Dad ! Ya brung me up right.

The same gauge of character should apply to what you write and teach !


  1. Amen brother! Many with those credentials abuse them and demand respect because of their degrees. Respect is something that must be earned, however, and cannot be demanded. As is the case ore the current occupant of the White House and the occupant of that position in 1861, I respect the office but have very little respect for the individual - they have done nothing to earn it! There have been many such people that have held that office that the shoe fits for but I will limit it to these 2.

    Liberal bloggers and politicians are of the mindset that they deserve respect for the sheepskin the have attained common sense and truth cannot be bestowed by a diploma - they too are earned! Now I am a proponent of higher education but it must be tempered with common sense and a desire for truth. Without these, the degrees are not worth the paper they are written on!

    The first 3 casualties of Political Correctness and liberalism are always truth, common sense, and personal responsibility. I would much rather be associated with an individual who practices these three characteristics than anyone that has a line of degrees a mile long that is lacking them - and we all know the type individual to which I am referring!

    Don't swallow the garbage the government schools want you to mindlessly accept but do your own research of the facts of history to discover TRUTH! This sets apart educated idiots from true historians!

  2. Amen, Dave! And congrats to Dexter Manley for learning to read. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be unable to read!