Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"Because I Said So" ?

Who died and made this clown KING ?

Take a minute and watch the video, I have no idea who trained this buffoon.

But as a security guard myself you NEVER, make it personal - NEVER !!!


I cant understand the illogical I am the Alpha, Omega /

KING KONG, El supremo, King Foo Foo, statement made by this security guard at the VMFA !

I'm quite sure this man does not set policy, but he seems to think HIS word is law!

I don't know what bus stop the security company is dragging folks like this in from :
but he has no business wearing a shield!

Yes as a security guard your not a real police officer,
but your conduct should be much better than is displayed by this man!


  1. Give some people a little authority and it goes to their heads. They immediately try to force their opinion on others. If the situation was reversed, you can be almost completely certain that a charge of racism would have been leveled. Lord Acton said it this way: "Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely." While this guard does not have absolute power, he seems to think he does! Some people can't handle even the slightest bit of authority without it going to their heads - this is a case study!

  2. Well said, Dave. We edited just before and just after for time constraints, but there is a great moment when Jimmy comes back, looks right at the camera and says "that man just hurt my FEELINGS". What most people might not know is that Jimmy is one of the Dupont 7! He is a battle worn, flagging veteran, and it was quite an honor to have him stand with us! :)

  3. Once again I would like to thank all of the Flaggers !
    For doing a job I need to be helping with.
    But my job as a Security Guard just won't allow me to make it to Richmond, ( Time restrictions )and on the security guard note:
    If I had spoken to anyone in the manor that the guard in the video did, I would be looking for a new job. Like I said I'm not a real cop, but when you wear a shield you are given a "Trust"
    and should conduct yourself with Honor and Pride. The guard in the video missed on both ! He dosen't deserve to have the priviledge of wearing a shield nor having the Trust of the public!