Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prove It !

In recent exchanges with two "Northern Friendly" bloggers I have had them pound their chest and flaunt their educational superiority!

Both telling me I lacked the "Proper Training" to review and evaluate documentation.

It goes without saying my feelings were hurt! Gee I only have a High School education! I was at William and Mary college for a while back in the 60s but got the boot when they found out I was selling "Home Grown" to the college kids!

Well my lack of formal training is only a tripping point for them!

The picture below is the Shipping Manifest from 1619 that shows my Ancestor Nathaniel Tatum as being one of the "Indentured Passengers" who were on route to Jamestown VA.

I'm just wondering, can either of my "Northern Friendly" blogger friends show me some documentation from the same time frame for their ancestors?

Now then if they can't: I'm sure they will challenge my Documentation! A nice way to avoid the issue. Well I have the source of the documentation, as well as documentation that predates the above shipping manifest ! Call my Bluff ? What you wanna put up as a bet ? Come on young fellas give me a worthy bet! 30 Days without posting if I can't give the source what is your counter offer?

So it's now the time to "Put up or Shut up"!

Show me how good your superior training and education really is !

OK fellas the balls in your court! Step up to the plate or sit on the bench!


  1. David,

    I am not sure what you want me to challenge here. I see your ancestors name on the manifest. So? This is not the same as what Rob and I were discussing in terms of interpretation. I am sorry you cannot understand the difference. I am sure I can find the same type of documentation for my ancestor in 1634. Oh and then there are the two ancestors whose names are on the Mayflower Compact. Need any more?

    Thanks for playing....

  2. So do it ! Talk is cheap! Show me the Documentation ! SHOW IT TO ME ! Care to Challange my documentation?
    1634 That means them folks are the New Kids on the block! The vessel left England on September 6, 1620 still makes em New kids. Show me what ya got ! I think its hot air !
    What about your slave owning ancestor ? got any documentation on him ? Or his slave ?
    Talk is cheap ! Put it on line Bubba !

  3. David,

    I did not know we were in a genealogy pissing match. I have only the smallest amount of information on these men and women. I don't have anything to offer in terms of documentation, but if you don't believe me, that is your problem, not mine.

    For all I know your real name is not David Tatum and you just used that name in order to use some already developed genealogy...we can go down that route if you like.

    Again, I don't know what you really want out of this pissing match...?

  4. OH yea Before ya start on it, a bit of info for ya!

    *December 4 was First Thanksgiving, in Virginia, not Plymouth
    Sometimes we do not realize the extent to which our own history has been "revised". This month the entire country will celebrate Thanksgiving, a day set aside to Thank God for Our Many Blessings.
    But this day of Thanksgiving is a day set aside, not the historical anniversary of the First Thanksgiving as many espouse. We have been taught that the First Thanksgiving was in Plymouth in 1621 and observed by the Pilgrims. This was a very commendable act by the Pilgrims, but it was not the first in our country.
    Before the Pilgrims even began packing their bags for their trip the First Day of Thanksgiving had already been observed.

    On December 4, 1619 the first Day of Thanksgiving was observed in Virginia.

    I know how them Yankees like to bend the truth!


  5. Ok, so? I have heard this before. However, the Thanksgiving we celebrate today is based on the event that happened in Plymouth, not Jamestown and it was Lincoln who made the proclamation that has been with us ever since. I guess if the south wanted it day of thanksgiving respected it should not have seceded.

    Bounce...back to you ...I guess...

  6. I rest my case !
    A self proclaimed HISTORIAN ! who can't back up a Damn thing he claims ! The only Matflower your family has been on was a moving truck!
    Well Bubba you just got your clock cleaned by a High School Graduate!
    Go sit on the Damn Bench ya just had your chance and struck out!

  7. Amen David. I have proof of my ancestors on Sir Walter Raleighs 1st ship from Plymouth England to Roanoke Island Virginia in 1640. My Virginia heritage runs blood deep and flows throughout the South. Keep up the good work. Rick Rotenberry.....

  8. David,

    I have been thinking about this post of yours quite a bit since it got me thinking about doing more genealogy on my family. However I am a bit confused about your direction in this post. Do you understand that just because you have this type of document and I don't does not mean you are able to interpret historical information any better than I can. All it means is you have access to a document that I do not. Being able to find the source of said document does not mean you are a better means you got lucky. The manifest information for my ancestor Richard Hutchinson who arrived in Salem, Mass in 1634 may simply not exsist. None of this speaks to our ability to understand historical documents.

  9. I can't believe I doing this! Given our online past!
    Try Networking with your family ! Old Uncle Joe who lives in Florida may have information that is not in the cybersphere! Yea ya may not like him cause he smokes cigars that stink but he may have info that will help you.
    Family members often tightly hold on to information they have! I don't know why but they do! Maybe Uncle Joe has an old Family Bible, or a photo album that has a newspaper clipping in it.
    So try networking with your family. It works for me !