Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A letter Home!

A letter from W.H. Tatum to His father!

(*)"When I volunteered I really did not know how a long a time it was for, and in fact did not care.

I am, with the other 12 month volunteers . Called upon to reenlist in accordance with an act of congress Dec 11 1861, and I am called on to decide what I shall do, before we are mustered out of service.

I think that with everybody else, that the period will be the most critical one in our history, our enemy are perfectly aware of the straight in which we are placed and will certainly endeavor to take advantage of it.

Now what is my duty, to go home and leave our defense to undisciplined militia who will make a sorry fight at best, leaving it in the range of probability that the Northern hessians will overrun our state before the summer is over and bringing ruin on all of us?
Or stay in the field, determined to see the end of this business before we give it up.

I might say to myself I am only one, I will not be missed, but ought we allow such selfish considerations to govern us, our whole army is made up of individuals, and suppose each was to say the same thing"?

He served until Appomattox!

(*) Page 119, The Richmond Howitzers by Lee Wallace, Jr


  1. Dave, you have a lot to be proud of! You are blessed with a rich heritage and I know that your ancestors are proud of you! :)

  2. We all have a rich heritage, I am fortunate to have the documentation of the unit my ancestors served with, (First Company Richmond Howitzers) as well as personal letters from my ancestors.
    The letters are MY history book, and the books about the Howitzers are supplemental information.

  3. We all have a lot to be proud of. Our ancestors were the bravest men to ever walk this planet.